Remember When

God’s Little Brat Pack

Joe Anderson and Reneee Swain

Cooper Signs With Pfeiffer

GVC Impresses In Myrtle Beach Showcase

photo by Kelley Whitehead

Falls Lake Splits With Raleigh

Then & Now

Snow Is For Puppies….

photos (l to r) by Amanda Pearson, Angela Satterwhite and Crystal Church
Photos by Emily Shearin, Jennifer Newcomb, Kim Pulley and Megan Riley

… and Children

Mollie (by Amy Beck), Colten (by Angel Hodges) and Leland (by Beverly Grissom)
Greyson (by Vhuck Murray), and Mackenzie ( by Deborah Dickerson)
Kaylee (by Vanessa Capps) and Dallon (photo by Kimberly Edwards)
Lindy (by Krystal Faulkner) and Naomi (by Megan Vaughn)
Ellie (by Stephanie Cole) and Waylon (by Tori Capps)
Photo by Sgt. Pitman/HPD
Photo by Greg Kirby

What did you do during the snow?

Go sledding?

photo by Sarah Cash

Make smiley faces in the snow?

photo by Nickie Robinson

Camp by the fire?

photo by Lance Stallings

Or just have fun with friends?

Photo by April Wright




Freelance photographer

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Gill Clopton

Gill Clopton

Freelance photographer

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